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Skyward Fishing Camouflage

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Aqua Design is the leader in high performance camouflage fishing shirts, multifunctional face masks, wading pants, jackets and other products designed by anglers for anglers.

Just about everything in nature is marbled — sky, trees, mangroves, shoreline. That's why solid colors stand out like hunters’ orange vests in the woods. So if you want to get a better shot at the next permit or steelhead, blending into nature can be the most important tackle decision to consider before the first cast. You may be asking, can fish really see color? The quick answer is look at the end of your line. If fish weren't sensitive to color and patterns, we’d all be using monochrome gray lures and flies.

Aqua Design has perfected stealthy skins for body and boat with marbled patterns developed from actual water photography. We call our visually quiet design “skyward” camouflage — from the fish’s perspective.

Perhaps it’s time to take a second look at your fishing boat, clothing and gear with fresh eyes. If your closet is teeming with Easter-egg-like pastel colors, consider the time and expense you’ve already invested to become successful on the water. Stealthy fishing clothes, face mask or camo wrap for your boat may be a minimal investment for a higher catch rate. Blending into nature can be the difference between a hook-up or spooked fish.

Why blend into nature and avoid Easter-egg-colored fishing clothes?